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Hernando man, 37, slightly injured in drive-by shooting

Harold Clark was just headed to the convenience store Monday night to do some shopping.

He never made it. Two bullet holes in his vehicle from a drive-by shooting and facial cuts from flying shards of window glass and mirror persuaded him to return home instead.

The cuts Clark suffered were minor, and Citrus County Sheriff's Office deputies are looking for suspects. Their vehicle was described as a new, white medium-size vehicle; make, model and tag number are not known.

Clark, 37, told Citrus deputies that he was traveling alone northbound on State Road 200, just north of County Road 491, about 11 p.m. in his red and white 1987 Chevrolet Blazer.

A vehicle sped up behind him, he told deputies. Then the vehicle's headlights went dark.

The vehicle started to pass Clark's Blazer on the two lane highway, and a person stuck a firearm out the passenger window and pointed it at Clark's vehicle, Clark said.

The firearm discharged, leaving a bullet hole in the driver's side door. The bullet lodged in an audio speaker behind the driver's seat.

Then, the driver sped up and passed Clark.

The firearm went off again; this time the bullet pierced the windshield, went through the rear-view mirror and exited the rear windshield.

Shards of glass struck Clark in his right eye and the right side of his face.

That was enough for him: He made a U-turn on SR 200 and headed home. An hour later, he reported the incident to the Sheriff's Office.

Officials did not say what type of firearm was used or what caliber of bullets were recovered from the vehicle. The investigation is continuing.