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Middle school pupils become Spanish teachers for a day

Carwise Middle School pupils became teachers last week at Highland Lakes Elementary.

Members of the middle school's Spanish language classes prepared for their jaunt into the elementary school world by studying, creating textbooks and lesson plans, and talking with their teacher, Beverly Fessendon, about how best to present the lessons in Spanish.

Then they took a jaunt on a sunny springlike Wednesday morning down the road from Carwise to Highland Lakes, where they met with second-graders and taught them numbers, colors and phrases in Spanish.

"What's your favorite color?" eighth-grader Theresa Dabruzzi asked the Highland Lakes pupils seated around a table in the school's media center.

"Red!" answered second-grader Kelsey Dromm.

"Rojo, that's how you say it in Spanish," Theresa told her.

"Rojo," Kelsey repeated, "Rojo."

"Black," said another child.

"Negra," Theresa said. "Are any of you wearing socks?" she asked. "What color are they?"

"White," said Josh Burg.

"Blanca," was Theresa's reply, and the lesson continued.

Some students used books with balloons or other objects to teach colors and numbers. Others had filled pages with drawings of simple objects of clothing or jewelry.

"They're going to remember the word deportes," said eighth-grader Eddy Thomas, who, with friends, designed a lesson plan around sports.

"They're going to remember the word "ball' the most," said his friend Anthony Agliardi.

The project got great reviews from both teachers and pupils.

"The kids seemed to have fun when we were teaching it to them and it was fun for us, too," said eighth-grader Steven Bowen.

"I like the books . . . the Spanish books," said second-grader Cale Coffman.

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