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(Filings for March 3-7)

Suits filed

FT Mortgage Companies, FTB Mortgage Services and Carl I. Brown & Companies. vs. Richard D. Knight II, Unknown spouse of Knight, Tenant 1, Tenant 2, Tenant 3 and Tenant 4 (foreclosure).

Barnett Bank, NA, Barnett Bank of Jacksonville, NA, Barnett Bank of Suncoast and First Florida Bank, NA vs. Debrah Grudzinski, Unknown Spouse of Grudzinski, Glenn P. Cippullo, Leonard A. Grudzinski and Unknown Tenant(s) (foreclosure).

Antonio Alvarez vs. Estate of Anibal Alvarez, deceased, Nelson Alvarez, Anibal Alvarez Jr., Osvaldo Alvarez and Petra Alvarez.

Anita Lewis and Cody Grater vs. Frank and Donna Sanna (auto negligence).

Janice Wallace vs. Allstate Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness).

Thelma Ortmyer vs. Donald E. Black and Ronald A Black (auto negligence).

Bank of America FSB vs. Mary Stone (contract and indebtedness).

Temple Inland Mortgage Corporation vs. Johnny Ray Parrott, Lennette Morris, John Doe and Mary Doe (foreclosure).

James Larry and Carol Ann Smith vs. E. Jay Archbell, Everette Jay Archbell, Sherrie L. Archbelle, Ford Motor Credit Company and United States of America (foreclosure).

Mabel F. Malette vs. Audrey L. McGillivray.

Homeside Holdings Inc. and Barnett Mortgage Company vs. Valare M. Danowsky, Unknown Spouse of Danowsky, Barnett Bank, NA, Barnett Bank of Jacksonville, NA, Barnett Bank of the Suncoast, NA and Unknown Tenant(s) (foreclosure).

Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Antoinette Ferrante, Unknown Spouse and Unknown Tenant(s) (foreclosure).

Hattie Dziedzic vs. Harriet Mayers (support).

Christine L. Rodriguez vs. Raymond Rodriguez (support).

Judith A. Verzulli vs. Dena Strohm (support).

Donna Poder vs. Michael J. Stratton (child support).

Janet McDaniels vs. Randall D. McDaniels (support).

Gerald L. Todoroff vs. Nick Todoroff Jr. (child support).

Janet R. Schiedel vs. Jennifer R. Schiedel (child support).

Norval and Rebecca Larson vs. Edna A. Pernat, James R. Smith and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (auto negligence).

Fritzie Lee Gehringer vs. Fredrich Joseph Jr. and Judith Geralyn Gehringer (writ of habeas corpus).

Ryland Mortgage Company vs. Donald R. Jr. and Irene Beam, Stephen J. and Christine F. Tucker, Tenant 1, Tenant 2, Tenant 3 and Tenant 4 (foreclosure).

Allstate Insurance Company, as subrogee and Donald Ross Fugate Jr. vs. Clay Andrew Turney.

Peachtree Casualty Insurance Company vs. Ricardo Rosario and Waldemar and Idalia Feliciano (contract and indebtedness).

Benjamin W. and Charlotte C. Nutt vs. Catherine Washington, deceased (foreclosure).

Diana L. Cagle vs. Roosevelt B. Cagle Jr. (child support).

Vickie G. Wynne vs. Don L. Bryon (child support).

Jeanne L. Kelly vs. Earsel L. Waddy (child support).

Nancy R. Dawson vs. Donald Howard (child support).

Linda Mason vs. Brian Adams (child support).

Shannette Washington vs. James Tolbert (child support).

Lisa Becker vs. Brian Zeller (support).

Bridgett D. Smiley vs. C.J. Anthony (child support).

Melissa A. Pugh vs. Eric C. Blocker (child support).

Nancy R. Dawson vs. Kelly A. Howard (child support).

Charlotte D. Arias vs. Sam Sillars (child support).

Theresa M. Sterzinger vs. Chris J. Belanger (child support).

Donna J. Swan vs. Samuel M. Detoma, Unknown Spouse of Samuel, Judith A. Geschelin Detoma, Unknown Spouse of Judith, First Federal Savings Bank of Perry, First Federal Bank, James S. and Cynthia A. Fitzgerald and Hernando County (foreclosure).

Eddie Lee and Helen F. Warren vs. Rutha Lee and Fred Fribbly and Earstene F. Stephens (foreclosure).

Cory R. Spaulding vs. Board of County Commissioners and Hernando County Development Department (notice of appeal).

Leila Mildred Consoli vs. Lelia Mildred Longarzo (name change).

Heriberto and Carmen Batiz vs. Jose Ramon and Crystal M. Ruiz (custody of minor).

Anthony Defusco vs. Kathleen Gerdin (paternity).

David L. Stoll vs. Ethel L. Cline (custody of minor).

Elaine Harrington vs. Donald P. Schaening, Mrs. Schaening, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union and Unknown Tenants (foreclosure).


Norwest Bank Minnesota National Association, as Trustee vs. Robert Joseph and Mary Geisel, John Doe and Jane Doe (foreclosure).

Erik Anderson and Estate of Karen Darrall Anderson vs. William F. Kinseder and Vivian Joann Hilligoss (auto negligence).

Jeanette M. and Alfred J. Lutz vs. Veneita B. Dingman and Wilbur Adams Bush (auto negligence).

Bankatlantic vs. Bruce A. and Susan J. Britton (foreclosure).


Linda Galster vs. Charles D. Blevins (child support).

Joyce L. Hut vs. Edward G. Kinchen (paternity).

Charles Yettaw, Helen M. Yettaw, Dennis R. Yettaw, o/b/o vs. Charlene G. Smith and Charlene G. Worley.

Kenneth E. Peterson vs. Thyra Belle Howard, a/k/a Thyra Bell Howard, a/k/a Thyra B. Howard (foreclosure).

Rowena Cremeans vs. Charles Moore (support).

George Feise vs. Dianne Feise.

Danielle Bode vs. Kenneth Bode (support).

Rhonda S. Stewart vs. Mark L. Tillman (child support).

Florida Homeloan Corporation vs. Steven J. Laplante, Deceased, Lia Barbara Laplante, Emile Laplante and Unknown Tenant (foreclosure).

Glendale Federal Bank and Federal Savings Bank vs. The Pacesetter Corp. of Nebraska and Claire E. Markey (foreclosure).

Tempi K. Tyler vs. James L. Adamsons (child support).

Sylvia S. Mcmorrow vs. Peter P. Mcmorrow (child support).

Renay Kasberg vs. Daniel w. Culin (support).

Hattie Dziedzic vs. Harriet Mayers (support).

Christine L. Rodriguez vs. raymond Rodriguez (support).

Judith A. Verzulli vs. Dena Strohm (support).


of marriage

Lonnie Ray Miller vs. Carolyn Ruth Miller.

Harriette King vs. Theodore Trevor King.

Sherrie L. Tschoepe vs. Larry D. Tschoepe.

Zujeis Maria Melendez vs. Luis Enriqu Melendez.

Sharon K. Gillette vs. Mark A. Gillette.

Essie Frazier vs. Willie Frazier.

Crroll L. Smith vs. Peggy D. Smith.

Katherine Gobble vs. William K. Gobble.

Melissa Lynn Anderson vs. Glenn Richard Anderson.

Lisa T. Rodriguez vs. Rafael A. Rodriguez.

Richard S. Buckley vs. Luann A. Lambert Buckley.

Tasha M. Kesslere vs. Edward V. Kessler.

Susanne T. Fleniken vs. Ronald T. Fleniken.

Lisa R. Owen vs. Randy S. Owen.

Alice Ohare Infante vs. Richard T. Infante.

Daryl D. Stephens vs. Joanne Hansen.


Terri Ann Welch vs. Robert W. Welch.

Rey David Cortes vs. Wilma V. Cortes.

Eleanor Santana vs. Fernando Santana.

Pamela Joy Lane vs. Timothy Michael Lane.

Julie L. Bowser vs. Jon M. Bowser.

Marie G. Lovejoy vs. Paul L. Lovejoy Jr.

Ignazio Grispo vs. Anna Marie Grispo.

Judith Cox vs. Edward Cox.

Donna S. Veach vs. Michael J. Veach.

Ronald Lee Conklin vs. Sharon Lee Conklin.

Emanuel Cregg vs. Laura Cregg.

Hope Hodge vs. Christopher Hodge.

Ralph C. Hernandez vs. Julie Ann Hernandez.

Jeffrey X. Batiste vs. Barbara J. Batiste.

James E. Fischer vs. Paula J. Fischer.

Lillian J. Winters vs. Erwin B. Winters.

Marcia P Ivancsits vs. David J. Ivancsits.

Marriage license


Andrew Duane Caudle and Roxanne Jean Baker, both of Spring Hill.

Gene Richard Capps and Becky Marie Phillips, both of Brooksville.

Kenneth Paul Hitchcock and Rosalind Mary Fussner, both of Spring Hill.

Robert Earl Black of Seabrook, S.C. and Marta Maria Sinn of Charlotte Harbor.

Hershel Wayne lemons and Wendy Ladell Brock, both of Brooksville.

Martin Francis Hartley of Weeki Wachee and Kerri Marie Griek of Brooksville.

Billy Joe Mercer of Weeki Wachee and Terri Heim Asbury of Spring Hill.

George Eli Malicoate and Heatherlyn Harriet Hearn, both of Brooksville.

Kenneth Martin Busch and Teresa Anne Amsler, both of Brooksville.

Thomas Lelton Hopper and Peggy Lee Hathcock, both of Spring Hill.

Jason Benjamin Knowles and Cherie Lynn Beasley, both of Brooksville.

John William Fischer Jr. and Renee Jean Linsbeck, both of Brooksville.

Mason Jeffrey Corwin and Yvonne Leigh Nelson, both of Brooksville.

Gary Joseph Nodar of Brooksville and Angela Roseida Rarey of Tampa.

Jack Robert Renzulli and Joann Torraco, both of Spring Hill.

Terry Allen Dougherty and Tina Louise Burke, both of Brooksville.

Thomas Farrell Beaty and Linda Sue Patton, both of Brooksville.

David Michael Lowery and Stacey Cathleen Sylvester, both of Brooksville.

Robert Ferguson Buck and Sherry Ann Barnard, both of Hernando Beach.