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Casting a net to find fishing on the Web

Fishing is ranked among the top 10 most popular recreation sports, so it's not surprising to find thousands of fishing sites on the Internet and World Wide Web.

Start with the GORP Florida Fishing Page, Florida's own fishing home page. GORP (Great Outdoors Recreation Pages) has discontinued most of its adventure sites, but the fishing page is intact. It covers saltwater and freshwater fishing, regional information, guides, species fishing hints, hot spots, travel info and fishing reports. It also provides links to other Web fishing sites.

Mike Moseley's Tampa Bay Saltwater Fishing Page lists local water conditions, artificial reef coordinates, e-mail and links to other pages.

Suncoast Sport-Fishing's Web page narrows the search to local coastal waters and explains local underwater topography, a key to finding fish. It also has good coverage of saltwater species and how and where to catch them.

Capt. Jim Wisner is one of the few charter-boat captains with Web sites. His covers the gulf beaches, Boca Grande tarpon fishing and Tampa Bay.

Capt. Richard Matre of Treasure Island is another charter skipper with a Web site, found on the GTE SuperPages, although it takes some searching.

Matre has a unique perspective on his profession: "Everybody who's new to Florida either has a Realtors' or fishing captain's license," he said.

Capt. Buddy's Fly and Light Tackle Fishing page caters to those enthusiasts in the Tampa Bay area.

World of Fishing stocks an online library, list of marine dealers, a Tackle Town Mall and an anglers' network.

The Florida Fishnet features local catch information, a bulletin board and live chat room.

Fish stores technical reference pages on ichthyology, a virtual fish library.

B.A.S.S., the 28-year-old grandfather of all bass fishing organizations, is represented with a well-designed site.

Florida's Suncoast Outdoors Online is a Web magazine specializing in outdoors activities along our coast. It offers sites on sports fishing, boating, diving and wildlife.

America Online provides the best fishing site of the Internet providers. Type in the keyword "Fishing" and click on "Fishing Online" to bring up a hundred choices, some AOL sites, others on the WWW. AOL also provides Web links to Saltfishing, Sportfishing, the Fish Server, Bass home page (not to be confused with B.A.S.S.) and J.P.'s Fishing page.

Fishing the net

The Fish Line: ( location/fl/fishing/flafish.htm). Aimed specifically at Florida fishing.

Tampa Bay Saltwater Fishing: ( default.htm). A good link to local fishing.

Suncoast Sport-Fishing: ( Excellent site for local saltwater sites, species fishing and hot spots.

Capt. Jim Wisner: ( jwisner.htm). Covers Tampa Bay and the gulf beaches.

Far Horizons Charters: ( Capt. Richard Matre's Treasure Island charter-boat site.

Fly & Light Tackle Fishing: ( tarpOn). Tampa charter captain's local site.

World of Fishing: (

Florida Fishnet: ( Pick your fishing region, click and go.

Fish: ( WWWVL-Fish.html). A fish library.

B.A.S.S.: ( Home page for the quarter-century-old competitive fishing organization.

Florida Marine Patrol: ( fmpwelcm.html).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: (

National Marine Fisheries Service: (