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Ciccarelli still seeks two signs

Rumored in trade talk before Tuesday's 3 p.m. deadline, Dino Ciccarelli indicated Wednesday he still wants two more things from the Lightning. One is a contract extension/renegotiation; the other is an organizational commitment to winning.

"It's a two-way street: Obviously the contract is important, obviously the team is important," he said. "I can make all the money in the world and be miserable, but I don't want that."

The future Hall of Famer continues to deny reports he demanded a trade. "I did let them know I want the team to do more to get better. If I would have pushed for a trade, I think (GM Phil Esposito) would have traded me."

Does Ciccarelli think Tuesday's trades of Drew Bannister to Edmonton for Jeff Norton and minor-league goalie Tyler Moss to Calgary for Jamie Huscroft are enough to turn the Lightning around? "Only time will tell with that, really," he said. "But I think something had to be done."

He expressed confidence Esposito soon will address the contract: "Phil gave me his word that's gonna be done after the season."

TEAMMATES NO MORE: Bannister, whom the Oilers put up in a different hotel after the trade, got in a friendly parting shot on Ciccarelli, his usual Lightning road roommate. Ciccarelli usually left chores like fetching bottles of water to his rookie roomie. "Get this: he calls after the trade," Ciccarelli said, "and says, "Hey Dino, this is Banny. I bought our water. But if you want yours, you're gonna have to come over here and get it.' "

HEY, SLEEPYHEAD: Rookie Daymond Langkow finally made it to Edmonton on Tuesday night, but only after missing the team flight, then catching later flights to Toronto and Edmonton. Langkow said the first thing he saw Tuesday was a clock that read 8:15 a.m., 15 minutes after the team's scheduled departure. "It was the worst feeling in my life."

MISC.: Brantt Myhres said he was released by authorities after agreeing on a court date to answer for outstanding traffic tickets. Myhres, from Edmonton, was detained about 45 minutes after passing through Canadian customs Tuesday. After brief stops this season in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, ex-Lightning player Petr Klima is back with Edmonton, the team he helped win the Stanley Cup in 1990. "I want to finish the year strong. Then we'll see what happens," said Klima, signed to a contract that could be terminated any time. Alex Selivanov, David Shaw, Jay Wells and Corey Schwab were healthy scratches.