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End Jam handouts

Editor: Steve Pritchard is at it again, trying to get $30,000 from the Tourist Development Council.

These tax dollars are for promoting tourism to Citrus County. The last two years the TDC has given him $30,000 to promote the Crystal River Jam on Rock Crusher Road, on property owned by Stan Olsen. This is the wrong location for an outdoor amphitheater, as it is in a residential neighborhood on a two-lane road.

Commercial ventures should be put in commercially zoned areas on highways that can handle the traffic.

This $30,000 should not be spent promoting the Crystal River Jam. I believe some of that money has been used the last couple of years for local promotion of the Jam and to bolster local support for the amphitheater in this residential neighborhood.

The TDC should spend some of the money on the user-friendly computer system that was proposed last November to be installed at welcome centers on highways entering Florida. The price for this system and a color advertisement for Citrus County is about $18,500.

I believe Stan Olsen and his promoter should not get any more TDC handouts.

William DuBois


Tackle sewer line

problem directly

Editor: I wonder why the St. Petersburg Times does not inform the public as to the real cost to homeowners regarding the $60-million fund to save our waterways. It is sad, but realistic, to expect politicians (our county commissioners) would fail to tell all the people the real cost to the homeowners.

To hook up to the proposed sewer line will cost between $1,400 and $5,000. A line from the house to the sewer will cost an additional $600 to $1,000, with a monthly usage fee of $40 to $60.

Next the commissioners will want us to pay to dig up the streets to install a central water system. Again, that is another monthly bill. The commissioners care very little for the average homeowner, but care a lot about business and the rich, like Stan Olsen.

On top of this we are expected to pay $60 per year toward the landfill and allow dumpers free access.

I hope we all can afford this.

Why not treat the problem directly? Simply hook up those houses that could potentially contaminate the waterways.

Perhaps Commissioner Roger Batchelor should listen to his own words from a recent article: "Sometimes in the past . . . the DOT (Department of Transportation) has not listened to the people."

Maybe it is time to initiate a recall to remove these commissioners.

William Pagels

Crystal River

Commissioners' lack of

qualifications "absurd'

Editor: It bothers me that anyone, with no qualifications, can be elected to the County Commission.

To be a doctor you must have a college education and graduate from medical school. Then you must serve as an intern and resident and pass an exam.

Likewise, if you want to be an attorney, you must attend law school and serve as a clerk in a law office before taking an exam to practice law.

To be a county commissioner you need no qualifications. That is rather absurd.

Joseph Sandillo

Beverly Hills

Support for arts fest

is appreciated

Editor: On behalf of the Citrus County Music Education Association, I would like to thank all the individuals, businesses and groups who offered their support of the 1997 Citrus County Sights and Sounds Arts Festival.

Thomas Wedebrock

music coordinator

1997 Citrus County

Sights and Sounds Arts Festival