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Intruder enters embassy

A Russian man in military fatigues entered the U.S. Embassy compound in Moscow earlier this month and managed to break into the home of the top-ranking American diplomat in Russia, where he spent the night. He was discovered the next morning in the envoy's shower, according to diplomatic officials at the embassy.

The man, who was detained by embassy security personnel, identified himself as a Russian army deserter. After a brief interrogation, the Americans turned him over to Russian authorities.

The incident prompted an intensive security review of the compound.

Various Russian security services, including the successor agency to the KGB secret police, deny knowing anything about the intruder.

The incident, which took place over the weekend of March 8-9, is the talk of the American diplomatic community in Moscow and a source of intense embarrassment for the embassy security staff and others in the compound.

Officials say there is no indication the intruder gained access to the more sensitive chancery building, where highly classified materials are located. Nor is there any known evidence to suggest the man was spying.

Although there is speculation that the intruder may have scaled the walls, it is not clear precisely how he gained entrance to the embassy compound.