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Judge: Dad's defiance hurts custody chances

Published Oct. 1, 2005

A judge Wednesday said a New York man's defiance of court orders is hurting his effort to keep his ex-wife from regaining custody of two children who say they are afraid to return to Florida where a sister was murdered.

At a hearing to consider taking more evidence in the case, Circuit Judge Michael Jones told Ahmad Rivazfar's lawyer that his client has given no indication he would abide by any order in the case.

Rivazfar, 41, of Greece, N.Y., has refused to appear in Florida, respond to any requests for information or comply with court orders that he and the children receive counseling and visit their mother, Patricia Pafford, 37, in Pensacola.

Ms. Pafford has asked that the Rivazfar children, Sayeh, 17, and Arash, 13, be returned to her because of their father's refusal to abide by the visitation and counseling orders.

Rivazfar claims he is only abiding by the children's wishes and that they are afraid of their mother and of returning to Florida because of what happened to their sister.

Ms. Pafford lost custody after Raymond Wike, an acquaintance, slashed the throats of Sayeh, then 8, and her 6-year-old sister, Sara, in 1988. Wike was convicted of first-degree murder for Sara's death.