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Rivers storms hotel by air

Don't get her started, West Palm Beach.

Forbidden from beaming her radio talk show nationwide from the Brazilian Court Hotel, comedian Joan Rivers proposed revenge on the air.

"Litter. The only way to get back at them is to litter," she told her listeners Tuesday night between her trademark raspy giggles. "Go over there and litter. Spit. Blow your nose on the sidewalk.

"I know, wear gaudy clothes. All you men, go to Palm Beach and wear gold chains."

The hotel and radio station WJNO scrapped plans to do Joan's new 7 to 9 p.m. show from the dining room when town officials said it violated zoning laws.

The landmark 71-year-old hotel is in a residential area and commercial activities are banned.

"People have a right to have what they want in their neighborhood," Rivers said on the air. "But they just shouldn't have waited until the day of."

Talk show hosts Jack Cole and Randi Rhodes suggested that anti-Semitism might have prompted the decision.

Rivers, who got engaged last year, was more subtle. "I think I'll get married in Palm Beach. At the Brazilian Court. An Orthodox Jewish wedding. I'll get (Nelson) Mandela to officiate. I'll have Whoopi Goldberg as my maid of honor."

It was a busy day.Earlier Tuesday in Boca Raton, police arrested Plantation resident Scott Starson as he waited in a line to have his copy of Rivers' new book, Bouncing Back, autographed.

A Police Department spokesman said Rivers' public relations staff recognized Starson from her previous appearances and asked Liberties to charge him with trespassing if he entered the store.

When police approached Starson, he allegedly began thrashing and shouting obscenities. He was charged with disorderly conduct and released.

"Bouncing back," Starson laughed as he read the title of Rivers' book. "She survived everything. Well, she hasn't survived me."