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State Supreme Court denies death row appeal

Pedro Medina, a Cuban immigrant scheduled to go to Florida's electric chair Tuesday for the 1982 murder of an Orlando teacher, lost an appeal to the state Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The high court upheld a trial judge who said Medina, 39, has some mental problems but understands he is about to be executed for the murder of Dorothy James.

In the past four months, Medina has avoided two scheduled trips to Florida's electric chair with claims of insanity. Florida law bans the execution of anyone who doesn't understand the effect or reason for execution.

Jennifer Corey, one of Medina's state lawyers, said the next appeal would be in state trial court in Orlando on the basis of more evidence of innocence. A hearing was scheduled for today.

Retired general, residents join forces against condo

SHALIMAR _ A retired general who led the air war against Iraq has helped neighbors shoot down a proposed nine-story condominium that could have interfered with radar at nearby Eglin Air Force Base.

Okaloosa County commissioners, in a 4-1 vote, Tuesday ruled that a high-rise building so close to the base would violate the county's comprehensive plan.

Retired Gen. Chuck Horner, the Air Force's top field commander in the Persian Gulf War, said building high-rises near the base would give ammunition to those in the military who want to close Eglin.

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