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A TASTE OF THAILAND: Ajinomoto USA Inc.'s new brochure features recipes obtained directly from Thailand. For free brochure send your request to Ajinomoto USA Inc., Public Affairs Department (Bacon's), Glenpointe Centre West, 500 Frank Burr Blvd., Teaneck, NJ 07666-6894, or call (201) 488-1212.

Food bytes

TV FOOD: Check out the TV Food Network CyberChef for current programs, cooking tips, cook's choice, recipes from shows on in the last 14 days, Q&A's and more. Find them at http://www.foodtv. com/tvcychef.htm.

Table talk

FIRE UP: Contrary to conventional wisdom and the weather, the West is not outdoor cooking country. American Demographics magazine reports that 35.7 percent of households in Northeastern states own an outdoor grill. More than 31 percent of Midwesterners own a grill, followed by the South (25.5 percent) and, finally, the West (22.9 percent).

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