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Youngman an older guy now

Henny Youngman celebrated his 91st birthday at his New York home Wednesday. His material's not getting any younger, either. The King of the One-Liners sat down with family, friends and a few reporters for lunch and a few laughs to mark the milestone.

Henny, to what can you attribute your longevity?


Any advice for people who want to get into show biz?

"Stay out."

How has New York changed?

"More pickpockets."

Youngman's hands are a little shaky and he has two hearing aids, but he remembers all the jokes from all the nights in all the clubs. He even unveiled some new material, distributing copies of his Last Last Will & Testament. "I am now leaving my body to Julia Roberts _ if she can't wait she can have it now," it read. "And to Dennis Rodman, I leave $100 for a first visit to a psychiatrist."

Ken Wahl ordered to dry out

Wiseguy actor Ken Wahl was sentenced Tuesday to a live-in alcohol rehabilitation program after pleading no contest to charges he damaged a counter at the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel bar. Wahl, 40, shouted at a bartender, made threats and slashed the bar counter with a hunting knife because the bartender refused to serve him more alcohol Dec. 28. Wahl also must serve three years' probation after completing the rehab program. He also was ordered to pay for the damage. The actor has a history of alcohol-related encounters with the law, including a drunken driving charge last May. He recently said he drinks to ease the pain caused by a 1992 motorcycle crash. The TV series Wiseguy ran from 1987 to 1990. Wahl also appeared in the movies The Wanderers and Fort Apache, the Bronx.

Guinness rejects "Star Wars' hype

Hype has sucked the force from Obi-Wan Kenobi. Sir Alec Guinness, 82, who played the wise old Jedi warrior in Star Wars, has refused to attend the royal premiere of its re-release in London's Leicester Square today. "The hype over the reissue of Star Wars and the constant demands for interviews from the press, magazines, radio and TV have got me down and my only refuge is to refuse everything," the Oscar winner said in a statement Wednesday.

_ Compiled from Times wires.