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The Times is asking the mayoral candidates questions before the citywide election Tuesday.

QUESTION: How do you assess the general performance of city government?

MAYOR DAVID FISCHER: The results of most city programs over the last four years have been very good. This reflects the general performance of the city staff. As we go into the next administration, however, an evaluation of the staff will take place to see what it will take to get to the next level of achievement. All new administrations, including my own, take the necessary steps to ensure that we have the very best people for the jobs at hand and make changes where necessary.

BILL KLEIN: The rank and file employees receive high marks. They are constrained and hampered by the poor leadership and lack of accountability at the top. The red tape and arrogance is fostered by Fischer allowing managers to decide what is right for St. Petersburg. The employees are ready, even eager, for new leadership _ leadership that will give them not only the direction, but more importantly the freedom to provide services to the public in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Every employee can be assured that Bill Klein is a man of integrity. You will be treated fairly and promoted based on merit.