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Beck is where it's at in hot USF performance

Published Oct. 1, 2005

So much hype and hysteria has surrounded Beck in the past year, (some of it admittedly created by his own record company, who proclaims him with an exclamation point following his name) much speculation precedes his arrival in any city he tours.

However, the 26-year-old's appearance Thursday night at the USF Special Events Center should dispel any doubts at all.

Banking off a hip-hop-techno introduction, the young singer took the stage with evocative poise, dishing out Devil's Haircut to an eager sold-out crowd of 2,250. From there, Beck and band never looked back as he led them through a 90-minute foray into fat beats and swirling feedback.

Much of the evening was devoted to selections from 1996's Odelay.

The angular Beck led his six-piece band into the driving hip-hop of Hot Wax, raring back on his heels as the music pitched to screeching twin turntables and squealing guitars.

One of the more interesting aspects of Beck's live persona is that he seems totally consumed by the music and its effect on the audience. At times, he and the band veered from the set to deliver a request.

"We enjoy spending some quality time with you," he told the crowd. "This is our second show ever in Florida. We aim to come back."