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Question: Is it true Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't get along with his Kennedy in-laws, especially Teddy Kennedy?

Answer: Not true. Arnold is quite close to wife Maria Shriver's kinfolks. He says Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy is a challenge, however. His goal, says Arnold, is to convert Teddy to the Republican party. But he admits it could take a long time for that to happen, if ever.

Question: Do I remember this year's Oscar-nominated Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade) from a TV show a couple of years ago with John Ritter and Markie Post? What was the name of that show?

Answer: Thornton played Billy Bob Davis in the John Ritter-Markie Post sitcom Hearts Afire (1992-95). The Arkansas native has done several films (The Stars Fell on Henrietta, One False Move), but he's really been in the limelight since his double Oscar nomination for writing and starring in Sling Blade (which he also directed). And he gave his former TV co-star John Ritter a great part in the film. Thornton now has another choice movie in the works. He'll play the James Carvillelike campaign manager in director Mike Nichols' movie version of the novel Primary Colors.