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"For Jerry Maguire, I hung out around the NFL off and on for a few years. One of the guys I met was strong safety Tim McDonald, now of the 49ers, who casually said to me, "My contract is up is the year, and they're going to have to show me the money to get me to stay.' The words always stuck with me . . . Later, when I wrote the script, I put the words in Rod Tidwell's mouth and somehow, it came out as a war cry. I love that people use it, and I hope that it's not about just money, it's about love and respect." _Jerry Maguire director Cameron Crowe on America Online


"The best thing (about being on Suddenly Susan) is having a steady job. The worst thing is when strangers yell at you on the street and say, "You suck!' " _ Kathy Griffin on


"I don't think I ever had (martinis) shaken or stirred in the first place. Bond is a very powerful image. I once made a documentary on wolves and went to live with some Eskimos near the North Pole. When I arrived, they all came rushing out to greet me saying "It's James Bond, James Bond!' " _ Timothy Dalton on AOL


"I love politics. I try and stay very conscious, very involved. However, as far as (becoming) an actual candidate, mainly because of the inevitable scrutiny . . . I try to stay away from that. I probably have a double-car garage full of skeletons that wouldn't allow me to get elected." _ presidential brother Roger Clinton on AOL


Joycelyn Elders is still outspoken on health issues. She was fired as U.S. surgeon general by President Clinton two years ago after implying at a United Nations AIDS conference that masturbation should be included in sex education curricula. The following are excerpts from a recent Might magazine interview.

Q: Do you think the recent passing of propositions to allow for medicinal use of marijuana is a step toward legalization?

Elders: We really need to look carefully at marijuana. Marijuana does not cause any of the major hazards. It's not nearly as bad as cigarettes. And yet the federal government subsidizes the cigarette industry. And we say "Oh, we're doing all of this, we have all these laws, we're putting all these people in prison, making a lot of our young people criminals." And we say, "But we're protecting them!" Why do we work so hard to protect them from drugs? We don't protect them from poverty, we don't protect them from ignorance, so who's getting paid off to protect them from drugs? I get hostile, excuse me.

Q: You once called Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom." That's a pretty harsh criticism to level at someone. Did you mean it?

Elders: I really feel that the worst thing Bush did to black people _ and he did a lot of good things for black institutions and black people _ but the worst thing that he did for us was to appoint Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. I feel that Mr. Thomas represents the most conservative segment of a very, very small section of black people. I feel that he has used all the advantages he had to get himself there, and now he wants to make sure that he is perceived as a conservative white man.

Q: Should masturbation be a part of sex education curriculums?

Elders: I certainly feel that masturbation should be discussed as part of sexuality education. We need to stop telling children that hair will grow on their hands, that they'll go blind, that they'll go crazy. We need to be open and honest with our children. And we're not.

Q: What is your biggest regret?

Elders: I think that probably the biggest regret, if I have one, is that I didn't push for clean needles. I really didn't push it as hard as I should have. But mostly I'd do it all the same again.