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American Buffalo _ Michael Corrente's pressurized adaptation of David Mamet's tight play about two losers and a botched robbery features great performances from both Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Franz. The small screen is just the place to see how two characters hit a dead end.

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves This straight-to-video sequel stars, once again, Rick Moranis, but it just doesn't cut it. The ideas are starting to get as small as the title. It has shrunk down to practically nothing.

The Green House _ For those who still believe in the charms of Philippe De Broca's King of Hearts, this lovely story of a zookeeper (Claude Rich) and his granddaughter surviving World War II will be magical. For others, a bit too sugary.

Howard Stern Exposed _ Just in time to cross-promote the theatrical release of Stern's Private Parts, this glossy autobiography should make Stern's loved ones happy. Like a nice family album, and it's only $10.

The First Wives Club _ The box-office hit stars Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton as wives abandoned by their husbands. Predictable revenge comedy.

The Long Kiss Goodnight _ Renny Harlin directs wife Geena Davis in this action melodrama that attempts to prove a woman can play action leads as well as Sly or Arnold. They prove it. But so what?


Secret Adventures _ This series, as seen on cable's Family Channel, now has several episodes available on home video _ Perseverance Wins, A Little Teamwork Goes a Long Way, Honesty Is the Best Policy, Two Kids, One Dog and a Big Responsibility, Believe In Yourself, and There's No Place Like Home. Each tape runs 30 minutes and costs $12.95


March 25: The Horseman on the Roof, The Chamber, Vertigo, Flirting with Disaster, High School High, Surviving Picasso, Basquiat.

April 1: Sleepers, The Spitfire Grill, Walkabout, Michael Collins, Sunchaser, Bad Moon.

April 8: William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Somebody to Love, Extreme Measures, Love Is All There Is, Small Faces, The Proprietor, Lone Star, The Secret Agent, Shadow Zone.

April 15: 101 Dalmatians, Looking for Richard, Secrets & Lies, Emma, The Associate, Miami Hustle, Downdraft, The Ghost and the Darkness, Inside.

April 22: The Rich Man's Wife, Small Wonders, Mother Night, Set It Off.

April 29: The Preacher's Wife, Bastard Out of Carolina.

_ MICHAEL BLOWEN, The Boston Globe

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