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Attention, spring cleaners

As this column ties up pre-vacation loose ends and launches into waiting challenges, we continue to address letters old and letters new.

One request just received comes from Kleo Maltby of Holiday, who is looking for a quilt pattern called the Sunflower Girl. A simple silhouette of a dress and bonnet is appliqued to fabric squares. The assembly from that point on remains a sealed mystery to this self-confessed quilting novice unless, of course, you can provide the solution.

Does anyone out there know of a source for ground potpourri? Diane Dixon of Clearwater explains that it looks like birdseed and is used strictly for stuffing crafted items.

Jessica Chytka of Brooksville recently became a fan of Mah Jongg and is looking for a copy of the game. Those she has seen in local stores are budget-busters, which is the reason she is offering a "good home" to a set you no longer use.

The pattern for a stuffed fabric flamingo about 3 feet tall would make Mary Lou Klein of Dunnellon very happy.

An all-points bulletin hopes to round up a Hulk Hogan "Wrestling Buddy" stuffed toy. Sheryl Crutchfield of Palm Harbor writes that her 8-year-old's doll has been a great buddy to the point that he is ready for retirement. Do you know of a replacement?

In a January column several requests for translators were listed, and Ann MacPherson of Largo steps forward (postally speaking) to inform us of the World Circle Language Club. This local group, in its 30th year, has members who are fluent in many languages and able to translate documents and interpret conversation. Not only are club members available to help level language barriers; they welcome new members with a second language. Ann, the corresponding secretary, can be reached at 12090 Meadowbrook Lane, Largo, FL 33774-3144: (813) 593-0052.

Music matters

As we tapped into our dwindling drawer of mail received before the column's brief hiatus, we couldn't help noticing that many readers had requests for things musical, so here is a list of items _ from record players to cassette tapes _ that you may have squirreled away in the attic.

Several readers are looking for record players of various kinds, so on your mark, folks! Darrell Cutshall of St. Petersburg needs a 33 rpm player, Aurora Kellman, also of St. Petersburg, wishes to borrow a 78 rpm machine so she can record old records on tape, and Dorothy Stonebrook, another resident of the Sunshine City, needs a 45 rpm player for all those groovy 45 records she owns.

While we're talking about groovy, let's reach back to the 1960s and '70s with Shirley Fiddler's (Pinellas Park) request for 8-track tapes. She would appreciate any you care to part with or any information about where they may be purchased.

Does anyone out there have or know of a 1950s LP of the Nutcracker Suite with (and this is special) lyrics performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra and Chorus? Theresa Kelly of St. Petersburg has fond memories of it from her childhood, and, because the family copy has disappeared, she and her sisters hope to find another so they can pass on a musical (and lyrical!) tradition to their grandchildren.

Vincent Pagano of St. Petersburg needs your help to locate Buddy Rich cassette tapes. He has searched the music and record shops in town only to be told by all that the tapes have been discontinued. Any suggestions?

Mildred Bogdanowich, Port Richey, seems to be well into seasonal sorting out: She wishes to give away 15 albums of 78 rpm records from the 1930s and '40s. She would like the albums to go "to someone who will cherish them as we used to."

A note of thanks

Jeannie Carbonneau, St. Petersburg, is delighted with the response of readers who provided her with information on where to buy canvas for latch hook work.

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