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Defense, prosecution spar over convicted killer's fate

Attorneys for serial killer James Randall tried one last time Friday to convince a judge that the Palm Harbor window installer deserves life in prison, not death, for choking two Clearwater prostitutes.

And prosecutors again argued that he deserves to go to the electric chair.

Defense attorneys Michael Schwartzberg and Richard Watts contended that Randall, 42, is a sick man whose obsession with sexual sadism interfered with his ability to appreciate the criminal nature of his actions.

But prosecutors Doug Crow and Glenn Martin reminded Chief Judge Susan Schaeffer that the victims, Wendy Evans and Cynthia Pugh, were conscious for part of the fatal attack and suffered physical and emotional anguish.

A jury unanimously recommended execution for Randall. Schaeffer has scheduled sentencing for April 4. Randall has been implicated in, but not charged with, the deaths of three other women in two states.