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Longtime civic booster chosen as Mr.Seminole

In his nearly six decades here, Eugene B. Mohney has worked to build Seminole.

He helped construct the Seminole High School football stadium. He raised money for five schools. He campaigned to form the city.

Mohney, 72, owner of the Seminole Village Motel and Mobile Home Park, was even the first property owner to have his business annexed into Seminole.

Since 1940, he has spent hours volunteering at his church, been a member of countless civic groups and government boards, and even has 36 years of perfect of attendance in the Kiwanis Club.

For all his contributions, Mohney was honored Friday night with the Mr./Ms. Seminole award, presented annually by the Greater Seminole Chamber of Commerce to someone who has worked to make the community a better place in which to live.

"I really appreciate this honor," Mohney said. "I never expected it. I'll do my best in the next year to represent Seminole in the Seminole fashion and tradition."

Today, Mohney will make his first official appearance as Mr. Seminole, riding in the chamber's car during the annual Pow Wow parade and festival _ which he helped organize for years.

"I was so tired today after a day's work, I told my wife this would be the last Mr./Ms. Seminole banquet I would go to," said Mohney, laughing along with the crowd gathered for dinner at Banquet Masters. "I'll have to take that back."

Mohney is married to the daughter of Jesse Johnson, the city's founder and recipient of the Mr. Seminole award in 1965. Mohney has four children and seven grandchildren.

"This person is someone who never wants to be in the limelight, but always wants to be in the background, serving our community," said Martha Mohn, last year's winner.

Mohney has served as a vice-chairman of the Seminole High Booster Club; past president and current treasurer of the Seminole Civic Club; and past president and current director of the Kiwanis Club.

He is a member of the chamber of commerce and Seminole United Methodist Church, has served on the Board of Adjustment and worked as an assistant Scout master.

"It's been a pleasure living in Seminole all these years," Mohney said.