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New paint converts wall into chalkboard

Published Oct. 1, 2005

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Eventually every parent has a harrowing tale to share of the time their precious child took crayons and colored on the wall. Now parents can short-circuit that experience by converting a portion of the wall or floor in their child's room, the family room, kitchen or anyplace else into an instant chalkboard. It's Crayola Chalkboard Paint, a special-effects paint designed to withstand repeated washings and erasings.

Chalkboard is part of an extensive new line of Crayola Paints from Benjamin Moore. In addition to special-effects paints, which also include Glitter and Glow in the Dark options, there are 150 Crayola colors ranging from the original eight Crayola colors to later introductions like dandelion, cerulean, ladybug and tractor red.

In conjunction with the launch of the line, Benjamin Moore has issued eight "Neat Idea" cards with decorating projects involving both children and adults as well as five "Painting Is Easy" technique cards, which are available where the paint is sold.

The new line is low-odor, 100 percent acrylic and contains no petroleum-based solvents. It is expected to reach stores by the end of this month and sells for $25 a gallon. Most quarts are $8, except for the Glow in the Dark, which is around $18 a quart, and Glitter, which is $10 a quart.

To locate the dealer nearest you, call (800) 972-4685.

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To remove a bleached spot from the carpet, follow these easy steps: In a bowl, mix fabric paints in colors like that of the carpet until you get a shade that matches exactly. Apply the paint very lightly to the bleached spot, allowing it to dry. Reapply, continuing the process until the color blends in, and the bleached area disappears.