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Once over the water, Woods home and dry

It was an interesting day for Tiger Woods.

His tee shot at the par-5 sixth hole narrowly avoided the lake, but Woods could not play it unless he stood in the water. So he took off his shoes and socks, rolled up his pants, and ventured in. And from there, Woods knocked a 5-iron shot 190 yards to just off the green. He chipped up and made a birdie.

But because of all the time he took to play the shot, Woods' group fell behind. That means players would be timed and face a possible $1,000 fine for slow play. Sure enough, Woods took too much time at the ninth hole. Players are allowed 40 seconds to hit when it is their time. PGA Tour officials gave him the paperwork after the round.

"It's going to kill me," Woods joked about the fine.

Woods shot 71 and was at 139, 5 under par and four shots behind leader Skip Kendall.

"I staggered, I struggled," Woods said. "Nothing went in. But I'm still in the tournament."