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The resurrection story through Peter's eyes

Once again, Calvary Chapel Worship Center will flex its musical and dramatic muscle with the presentation of its Easter pageant, Thirty Pieces of Silver.

Each year the church presents three productions. It begins working on the Easter production in January, followed by a Fourth of July presentation and then the Christmas Cantata. Based on attendance at past programs, the drama director, Pastor Mark Plumb, advises people to come early.

"During our Christmas production, we had to turn people away," he said. "At one point traffic was jammed for miles."

The Easter pageant portrays segments of Christ's life through the eyes of disciple Simon Peter. Performances are at 6 p.m. today and 8:45 and 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday.

Peter, played by Plumb, will take the audience through five scenes. Plumb said the first scene is "The Healer," where Jesus is in Jerusalem doing miracles. The second is "The King," which shows the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem, where he is hailed as King of Jews. The third, "The Christ," is a portrayal of the Last Supper. The fourth, "The Lamb," shows Christ carrying the cross. It includes the crucifixion. The fifth scene is the resurrection scene. It is called "The Risen Lord."

Kelly Courtney will return in the role of Jesus, and Suzanne Chase, assistant choir director, will play Mary Magdalene. Sets include the city, the Upper Room and the tomb. Plumb said all the costumes have been handmade through frequent Saturday sewing parties. Nothing is rented.

"I feel very confident that we are making it as authentic as possible, in set, costumes, acting and makeup," he said.

The program was borrowed from First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, with Calvary making a few changes to accommodate their circumstances. Music director Cynda Harris said they have had to shrink it down a bit. "There are 1,000 people in their cast, and they have a 350-voice choir in Fort Lauderdale." The Calvary Chapel Worship Center show will include almost 100 people.

Harris said the pageants are just one way the Lord uses the church to do his will.

The church at 6825 Trouble Creek Road holds about 600. Admission is free, and child care is provided for children through third grade. For information, call (813) 376-7733.