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Bulls say: 73 wins; so what?

With Chicago's loss to New Jersey recently, the Bulls severely hurt their chances of breaking their NBA record and winning 73 games in a season.

Apparently, we were the only ones who cared. The Bulls say the chance to win 73 games meant nothing to them.

"Who gives a c--- about 70 wins?" Dennis Rodman said. "Last year we had the league's best record and won 70 (actually 72) games. Whoop-de-do."

Do you think the day will ever come when Vancouver players will say the same thing?

BOSTON'S ROCK BOTTOM: In case you missed it, Boston's dismal season reached a low March 16. The Celtics' 119-101 loss to Minnesota was the team's 54th of the season, guaranteeing that it will finish with the worst record in franchise history.

The worst Celtics team was the 1978-79 squad that went 29-53.

Said Celtic Rick Fox after the game: "It's not a proud moment."

The Celtics have been so bad that during a recent game, a spectator was heard yelling this at coach M.L. Carr: "Hey, M.L., I'm glad I'm not paying for this seat."

'ZO COMING BACK?: Injured Miami center Alonzo Mourning may return sooner than expected from a torn foot tendon.

Mourning practiced last week for the first time. Although he appeared to still experience pain in the foot, he made the trip for today's game at Minnesota. Coach Pat Riley said Mourning's status is questionable. If he doesn't play today, he likely will return Wednesday against Sacramento.

WATCH THOSE WOLVES: So who is the team of the future? The Timberwolves, says Charles Barkley. Said Chuck: "They're going to own the league in three or four years."

WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?: Allen Iverson and Jerry Stackhouse got into a little scuffle during the shootaround before the New York game the other day. Both players downplayed the incident, with Stackhouse saying it was "a fight between one guy who didn't know how to fight and another guy who didn't want to fight."

So which was Stackhouse?

"I'm not sure," he said.

THE BUZZ OVER BUZZ: Magic guard Nick Anderson has enlisted the help of noted free-throw shooting expert Buzz Braman, but Anderson might want to reconsider.

Since Braman left Washington where he was an assistant coach and Chris Webber's unofficial free-throw shooting coach, Webber's percentage at the line has gone up, from 52 percent when Braman was there to 55 percent since he left.

DOWN AND OUT IN SAN ANTONIO: As if San Antonio hasn't had to endure enough injuries with David Robinson, Sean Elliott and Dominique Wilkins, the Spurs learned recently that center Will Perdue's wife tore her anterior cruciate ligament while skiing.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: This comes from former Chicago Bears player Steve McMichael, now a professional wrestler, who was asked about Rodman, who is dabbling in the WCW: "I will twist Worm into a pretzel. I will tear his eyeballs out. I will rip his head off and puke in the hole."

Is it a surprise that Rodman says he is motivated again to play basketball?

MORE WCW STUFF: Rodman apparently made an unscheduled pro wrestling debut March 18 when he attended a match where his buddy, Hulk Hogan, was attacked by Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Rodman apparently jumped in the ring and tried to strangle Piper, who chased him out of the ring until he was restrained by police.

Do people actually pay money to see this stuff?

POWER TO THE CORK: The Pistons are supposed to wear black patches on their uniforms the rest of the season as a tribute to the late Corky Meinecke, a Detroit sportswriter.

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