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Draft survey: No need for new schools

Despite a rising student population, a consultant is expected to tell the School Board that no new schools are needed in Citrus County over the next five years.

Superintendent Pete Kelly said last week that no new schools will be recommended in the school plant survey being completed by Innovative Management Counselors because district officials have changed their approach about building new schools.

"We've decided to take a little different direction," Kelly said.

District officials want to expand existing elementary and high schools and to use state and local school-building funds to improve all of the schools in the district.

That stance runs contrary to what the district's long-range planning committee and previous superintendents have said in recent years.

The School Board has heard reports that the district needs to build a new elementary school soon to keep up with growth and a new high school just after the turn of the century.

But Kelly said the costs involved with those projects led officials to rethink their options.

A new elementary school would cost the district about $12-million, and a new high school as much as $28-million. If the $2-million a year it takes to keep the existing schools maintained were added to that total, the roughly $50-million in building funds available through the year 2002 would be used.

"We'd have enough to maintain our schools and build two schools and then we'd be out of chips," Kelly said last week.

The survey recommends $39.6-million worth of improvements over the next five years. By focusing on improving existing schools, "we'll have 18 good schools and not just two new ones," he said.

"But that will mean that our elementary schools will have to get slightly larger and the high schools will have to get slightly larger."

Even with growth in the student population, Kelly said, "we can meet the needs in elementary and meet the needs in the high schools and more than meet the needs in the middle schools," he said. "It's really just a matter of looking at it all differently."

The consultants' plant survey is a five-year blueprint for the district's construction needs.

Student numbers dictate the consultants' recommendations to the district.

"The recommendation (to build) student stations does not normally occur unless the numbers show there is a need, and the numbers don't show that need," said general services director Alan Burcaw.

The draft survey projects that the student population will grow to an estimated 15,553 in the next five years, but the overall capacity of the schools recommended is 16,678.

The School Board is considering setting a workshop for April 8 to discuss the recommendations.

The actual survey is still under development, but draft survey documents recommend only one new facility in the district for the next five years: a centralized transportation complex with a price tag of $2.5-million. That complex would free the current transportation area beside Citrus High School for parking.

The draft recommends not only improvements, renovations and construction at each school and district facility, but also what student capacity at each should be.

For example, the survey recommends a capacity of 1,721 students at Citrus High School during the next five years. While that is lower than the current capacity, far fewer students attend the school. An estimated 1,400 students will attend Citrus High in the coming year, according to tentative budget documents.

The survey also recommends shifting students from schools nearing capacity to those that have room for more students.

It also suggests school improvements such as improving roofing, replacing air-handling equipment and installing security systems in computer labs.

The most expensive projects listed include $4.7-million in new construction and renovation at Crystal River Middle School, including a new kitchen and dining area and new classrooms; $3.2-million for Citrus High School, including an auditorium; and more than $3-million of improvements to Crest School, including a media center and gymnasium.

When the final recommendations come to the board, approval is just the first step in a long process before school improvements are made.

The board also will soon consider its budget for the coming year, and many additional issues involving prioritizing projects, school planning and construction also will require board review and approval before any of the recommended work can be done.

Plant surveys also make recommendations of work that may never be done. For example, the draft recommends that several of the smaller schools in the district expand their size by several acres. Those recommendations are made in case expansions are possible.

While a project listed does not have to be done, the school district cannot use state construction money to work on a project not listed in a plant survey.

Draft school plant survey recommendations

Here are some of the school construction and renovation recommendations listed in the draft school plant survey:

Citrus Springs


Build covered play area and canopy over student drop off area

Build cafeteria and kitchen, expand media center and build storage building

Remodel rooms, convert existing cafeteria into various spaces including conference rooms and a clinic

Crystal River


Provide more parking places and improve student pick up area

Build three resource rooms, multipurpose room, restrooms, storage, conference rooms and a teachers lounge

Remodel and renovate other rooms

Floral City


Build media center, various exceptional-student facilities, storage and office space

Expand site by two acres

Remodel various rooms and replace windows in one building



Build four primary classrooms

Expand cafeteria

Remodel various spaces



Construct new two-story building, finish second story as administrative space and resource room

Expand site by two acres and locate additional parking on that new site

Correct site drainage problems

Remodel various areas



Upgrade electrical and plumbing systems

Add covered play area and parking spaces

Remodel various areas



Build storage building

Construct covered walkway

Remodel various rooms to different uses

Pleasant Grove


Expand media center and build storage buildings

Upgrade plumbing and remodel various rooms

Add parking and covered areas for student pick up in front of the building

Rock Crusher


Build media center

Construct covered walkways and overhang

Remodel various rooms and add folding walls in cafeteria

Citrus Springs


Build large group activity area near physical education

Build covered walkway

Remodel various rooms

Crystal River


Build dining area and kitchen, six classrooms, labs and resource rooms

Renovate and remodel various areas

Acquire the 3.6 acres currently used by transportation and maintenance



Build covered physical education play area

Improve paved areas, widen sidewalks and build covered walkways

Air condition and renovate the gymnasium and renovate various areas



Storage buildings, skills labs and a television production and storage area

Air condition several rooms and the gymnasium

Fill in pit area and develop for dining and level media center floor

Various remodeling jobs



Build auditorium, expand kitchen and covered patio outside cafeteria

Develop area vacated by district transportation services for student parking

Construct sidewalks at stadium

Redesign bus ramp area including covered walkway in conjunction with Inverness Primary School

Crystal River


Build new multipurpose room, storage building and rest rooms

Renovate locker room areas and convert various rooms

Provide more staff parking, complete covered walkways and replace concrete area between gymnasium and stadium



Build work evaluation lab, textbook storage, lobby at the southwest end of gymnasium and a roof over concrete agriculture pad

Construct additional paved outdoor courts and parking for 50 vehicles

Convert various rooms