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Parade's explanations don't fly well

Editor: As candidates for office last year, Liz Dorp and I shared my little red pickup, decorated as much as possible like a little red schoolhouse. This year, when the Federated Republican Women's Club discussed marching in the parade as members of the community, I offered the use of the truck again. After our application had been accepted, member Lynn Gable learned that "balloons and streamers" would not be considered enough decoration.

Working with the theme of "America the Beautiful," we decorated the truck, as much as possible, as "America's Front Porch," with a white lattice roof and hanging plants _ as well as balloons and streamers. Our banner would let everyone know who we were as one of the many clubs in the community.

When we were kicked out of the parade, we were told it was because we had no float or trailer and therefore would not be considered by the media to be entertaining enough. Having first ascertained that this was a major rule change from last year, we asked if this meant that the Chasco was no longer a citizens' parade, but should from now on be considered a media parade.

This was denied, after a fashion, by having "entertainment" stressed as the ruling priority. Then I went home and picked up the Times to read that the Chasco organizers were so desperate for entertainment that they condoned the release from prison of a drunk driver so he could perform during the festivities. Some prison sentences can be so inconvenient! And fear not _ the Pasco Federated Republican Women's Club is duly entertained.

Katherine Livermore, Land O'Lakes

Parade is no place for politics

Editor: I'm a registered Republican, but I did not attend the Chasco Fiesta to see a political rally. I went to be entertained. I believe the Chasco Fiesta is for the purpose of entertaining and raising funds for charity. Just what entertainment or funds did the Pasco Federated Women's Republican Club intend to donate? How can a political group be entertaining unless they open their mouths? And had they opened their mouths would they have brought in the same amount of people or funds as Bertie Higgins? It was nice to see a parade that didn't revolve around politics and protesters. And in reference to the cars on parade, I would hardly classify them as cars seen on the road regularly!

And perhaps I was misinformed concerning Bertie Higgins' appearance, as I was under the impression that his appearance was scheduled prior to his arrest. That he would seek to fulfill his obligation to the people by getting permission and paying for the police escort to and from the event, without any monetary compensation, says a great deal about the generosity and loyalty of a fine entertainer.

Yes, Mr. Higgins certainly messed up and is now serving his time. I'm sure that many have been in the same condition as Bertie was at the time of the accident but have, by the grace of God, avoided an incident. I'm not excusing what he did and, in fact, do not even drink.

We feel that the Chasco Fiesta has certainly done a fine job and all who are involved in this great event areto be congratulated and commended for their efforts.

Peter and Paula Klempka, Port Richey

Parade was a hit

Editor: I attended the Chasco Fiesta Street Parade on March 15. I thought it was put together really well, and am sure it took a lot of hard work and organizing. Everyone who invested their time and energy should be applauded. There were many good floats.

Teresa Lee, Holiday

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