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Picture a New You

(ran PAS edition)

Sit down, tilt your head to the right, smile into the flashing light and two minutes later Judy Stump can show you what you would look like with Dorothy Hamill's bob, Cher's dark curls or Bob Marley's dreadlocks.

The Beauty Court is the only salon in central Pasco County that offers computer photo-imaging. Stump has used the process on women 12 to 75, men with long hair, and her chow, Gizmo.

The salon is at State Road 54 and U.S. 41 in Pasco Plaza.

"Once you cut your hair off, it's too late," Stump said. "This is like looking into the future without touching the shears."

People travel from Brooksville, Tampa and Clearwater to get a 12-minute video tape of 18 to 24 hairstyles flashing on to the Macarena, and four color shots on a postcard.

"If you pick something out of a magazine, you still don't know how it's going to look on you," said Stump, 50. "There's a big difference seeing your own face and picture with the hair."

Stump bought the salon Jan. 1. With the addition of the photo imaging, business has doubled, she said. People who just want a trim often see themselves with curly hair and decide on a permanent, she said.

Stump went to beauty school in September in Virginia while she was staying with her father, an Alzheimer's patient who is recovering from a stroke. She bought the photo imaging equipment for $10,000 and hauled it to Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee for three months, doing 17 people a day.

Stump charges $10 in addition to the price of a haircut, otherwise the cost is $25 to see yourself with blonde, brown, black, red and gray hair. (She doesn't do too many gray).

She can customize the pictures, mix and match the bangs, add a dash of eyeshade, take out wrinkles, blemishes and make your nose smaller.

"But you've got to be realistic," she said. "You know what you can and can't have."