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Players, ospreys share home again

Night baseball is back in full swing for the Bay Point Little League, and hopefully mom and pop osprey are okay with it.

So far, so good.

The ospreys had built a nest atop a light pole at a field behind Bay Point Middle School on 62nd Avenue S, but a fire nearly destroyed it. Apparently some nest materials either caused sparks or became heated to combustion by the lights.

Before the light pole could be repaired, however, the birds, commonly called fish hawks, repaired their nest right over the damaged lights and wiring. And because ospreys are protected while nesting, they could not be moved without special government permissions.

The Little League night games came to an end.

Briefly, as it turns out.

Bruce Demayo of the Little League got help from Florida Power Corp. in the form of a new pole, erected next to the one containing the osprey nest, and the city came up with some extra lights.

Last Wednesday the new pole was rewired, and Thursday the night games resumed.

The ospreys seem pleased to stay in their old nest, Demayo said. "They're there every day, just keeping an eye on what's going on."