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2 injured in blast of explosive

A Land O'Lakes man was knocked unconscious and a teenage boy also was injured when the two, along with a friend, detonated a homemade explosive device Sunday afternoon, according to sheriff's reports.

James Whitman, 21, and Jonathan Dwayne Evans, 16, both of 19003 Dove Road, were in stable condition at St. Joseph's Hospital late Sunday afternoon.

Whitman was knocked out when the explosive was set off, and Dwayne suffered flash burns and a possible hand injury, according to police. Carl Gardner, 20, of 12320 State Road 52 in Spring Hill, was not injured in the blast, which occurred near a pond at the end of Decision Road.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, the three made the explosive out of gunpowder "just to see if they could do it" and took the device to the field.

They lit a fuse on the explosive, and it detonated immediately, officials said. Investigators found a small amount of black powder in a can inside the Dove Road home. The powder is the kind used to fire antique weapons, police said.

Charges had not been filed Sunday, but the sheriff's investigation was continuing.