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Apple CEO counters negative news reports

Apple Computer Corp. chief executive Gilbert Amelio denounced news reports that suggest his company is in desperate straits, and predicted a rebirth of Apple through a new focus on the Internet.

"Things aren't great, but they're not quite as dire as you sometimes hear in the press," Amelio said at a meeting of the Massachusetts Software Council last week. "Most of the reporting is nonsense."

Amelio said Apple's Macintosh operating system is increasing its share of the computer market, largely because of the success of Macintosh "clones" _ computers made by companies like Motorola Inc. and Power Computing Corp., which run Macintosh software.

When the clones are included in the Macintosh mix, Amelio said, "you actually see that the platform is growing again."

Amelio said Apple's road back to health passes through the Internet, which he called "the next frontier in publishing."

Thousands of World Wide Web sites are being created by publishers and graphic artists, a group that has remained loyal to Macintosh.