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"You really haven't done anything good for anybody. The bottom line is we're all here because someone is dead."

_ Hillsborough Assistant State Attorney Karen Cox, who is taking a new job at the U.S. Attorney's Office, commenting on the spirit-numbing aspects of prosecuting murderers week after week.

"It's going to be a bloodbath. Stand by."

_ Defense attorney Norman Cannella, who represents Joseph Mondeau, the man accused of extorting money from a Catholic priest with whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship. Cannella vowed that sordid details of the relationship between his client and the Rev. Simeon Gardner would "disgrace" the church.

"It's like being called stinky by a skunk."

_ Eddie Suarez, attorney for Father Gardner, responding to Cannella's allegations that it was the priest who was the extorter not Mondeau.

"God knows, there's indigents all over the world. I'm Italian, and I have as much emotion as anyone about taking care of poor people. We want other counties to mirror us, but we don't want to be caseworkers to the entire country."

_ Hillsborough County Commissioner Joe Chillura, worrying that the county's indigent health care tax will entice poor people from around the country to come here to receive medical treatment.

"It's like I had been dating a girl for 17 years and then we broke up. The door is still open."

_ Lynn Thompson, Bethune-Cookman College athletic director, leaving open the option that the Florida Classic Football game might return to Tampa even though both B-CC and Florida A&M University have decided to play their annual game in Orlando this year.

"If I had a white suit, I'd wear it."

_ Tampa City Council member Charlie Miranda, upon hearing the news that a lawsuit challenging the new stadium for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had succeeded. Miranda had worn black to City Council meetings to show his opposition to the deal.