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Quick Quiz

1. What is the filling inside a Milky Way bar, besides the caramel? _Katherine McFadden

The caramel is that gooey, orangy-brownish layer under the chocolate coating. Most of the middle, though, is a spongy sweet stuff. It's made by whipping a sweetener (sugar, corn syrup or both) with some egg white and soy protein. A little soybean oil, cocoa and malt flavor are added for texture and taste. (In other candy bars, the recipe can be different.) This puffy stuff is known as:

(a) Milky whey.

(b) Flavor foam.

(c) Nougat.

(d) De-slime-ified flufferfatiola a la cartwheely 1,2,3 para-hippityhopglop purple.

2. Which continent has the most people? _ Themis Arhotakis

Let's count Europe and Asia as two continents, even though they're really one big landmass. Still, more than half of the world's people live on just one continent. It is:

(a) Asia.

(b) Africa.

(c) Atlantis

(d) Europe.

(e) Narnia.

3. Why does it rain when the sun is shining? _ Randi Scott

The sun is always shining above the clouds. But often, rain clouds cover the sky like a blanket. Still, sometimes you can see sun while there's rain. The reason is that:

(a) Some clouds are invisible.

(b) When it rains cats and dogs, their claws can rip holes in the clouds.

(c) The sun wants to see you.

(d) Rain falls from clouds above you, but sometimes there are no clouds lower in the sky where the sun is.


1. (c), 2. (a), 3. (d).