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Rascal goes free when the war ends

Who: Darren Oliver is a fifth-grader at Lakeview Fundamental School in St. Petersburg.

What: Rascal, by Sterling North; Penguin Publishers, $3.99

The Plot: This book takes place at a time when a war is going on, which spreads sadness to Wisconsin residents and people around the world. The adventure starts when a boy named Sterling North, his best friend Oscar Sunderland and his dog Wowser are walking in the forest. They come upon a pack of raccoons in a tree. Sterling decides to keep one of the babies. He names it Rascal. He feeds him things like corn and strawberry pop.

After a while, the raccoon begins to prowl and becomes a problem. The townspeople tell Sterling to cage his critter. He does as he is told until his birthday, when he receives a call informing him that the war is ended. At that point, he decides to set Rascal free.

To understand why, I suggest you read this book.

Darren's rating: I liked this book because it is well-written, and it tells about the adventurous life the author had. It's very exciting, from start to finish!

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