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To pop or not to pop...

You're a typical teenager. You wake up with a great big zit in the middle of your face. Do you follow your dermatologist's advice and leave it alone? Or do you give in to temptation and squeeze for all you're worth? BE HONEST! Call the X-Press benzoyl peroxide hotline, and let us know. Find the TimesLine number for your area listed on Page 7D and enter Category 7600.

PUSH ONE for _ LEAVE IT! Popping is just plain wrong!

PUSH TWO for _ POP IT! That's what fingers are for!

THE MEAT OF THE MATTER: It's official! If you don't want meat as the main item in your school lunch, you'll be able to substitute yogurt, so in our last question, we asked which one you would choose. Of the 251 who responded, 114 said they would choose meat and 137 said they would choose yogurt.