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Boy drowned quickly by gator

A 3-year-old boy who was attacked by an 11-foot alligator died from drowning, a medical examiner said Monday after an autopsy.

The autopsy showed that Adam Trevor Binford had water in his stomach and lungs, said Dr. Ronald Reeves, chief medical examiner for Volusia County.

Adam vanished Friday afternoon while playing with his 8-year-old brother and the family dog on the edge of Lake Ashby. His mother, Lorri Binford, said she heard a big splash and Adam disappeared.

The boy's body was found by a trapper the next day beside the alligator. Reeves said the child's lower torso and legs were covered with bites.

"The alligator had control of the child from the time it took him and from the time the body was recovered," he said.

Adam apparently died a quick death. "I think he died very quickly, quicker than an ordinary drowning death," Reeves said.

Since recordkeeping began in 1948, there have been 225 alligator attacks, but only seven were fatal, according to the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission.

The last deadly alligator attack in Florida occurred in October 1993. Grace Eberhart, 70, was found with alligator bites in Lake _ Compiled from Times wires