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Clashes continue in the West Bank

Palestinians clashed with Israeli troops in the West Bank for a fifth day Monday as Israel warned that new attacks by Islamic militants were possible.

Israel has accused Yasser Arafat of giving the go-ahead for attacks against Israelis and demanded the Palestinian leader crack down on militant groups before the peace process can move forward.

But Mohammed Dahlan, head of preventive security in the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip, said the Palestinians were already fighting terrorism.

"We are against using violence. . . . We are against the killing of civilians or innocent people," he said. "We are not waiting for orders from Israel" to crack down on militants.

In Hebron, meanwhile, several dozen Palestinians threw stones at Israeli troops in renewed clashes Monday. This time, however, Palestinian police moved in quickly _ forming human chains and firing in the air to disperse the crowd.

In Bethlehem, however, the Palestinian police did little to stop about 200 Palestinians who threw stones at Israeli troops at Rachel's Tomb. Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring 17 Palestinians.