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Documents: DNC asked Clinton, Gore to make calls

President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore were asked by Democratic Party officials to personally make phone solicitations aimed at raising $1.2-million in late 1995, according to documents released Monday.

The documents show Democratic National Committee officials asked that Clinton make 18 to 20 phone calls and that Gore make 10 calls.

"This will provide us with an advantage to assure our projections and assist in raising an additional $1.2-million," a memo from the DNC to former White House aide Harold Ickes said.

It's not clear whether the phone calls were made or whether they raised the predicted amount.

Gore has acknowledged he made fund-raising phone calls from his office in the Old Executive Office Building. Clinton could not remember, but could not rule out making similar calls.

The document outlining the phone calls was among those released Monday by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which is investigating questionable campaign contributions to the DNC.

The memo to Ickes suggests that the phone calls by Clinton and Gore, together with a series of fund-raising lunches, coffees and dinners, could raise $3.2-million.

White House coffees, which aides once said were social events where Clinton could hear the concerns of average citizens, were expected to raise $400,000 each, according to the newly released documents.