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H&R Block web site a big hit

(ran HT, CI, PT editions)

As April 15 draws near, more people are surfing the Internet for answers to their most taxing questions.

H&R Block, the world's leading tax preparation firm, reported more than 1-million hits to its web site in January. That works out to about 30,000 requests for information a day. It also compares to a total of 700,000 hits in all of 1996.

"We want our web site to be fun and interactive as well as useful," said Fred Halfpap of H&R Block.

The site offers state and federal tax forms, advice and tips designed especially for seniors, single parents, students and other special categories of taxpayers.

In addition, the site includes a collection of odd tax tidbits such as "Did you know in 1702, Russia enacted a tax on men who wore beards?"

Best of all, you may be the winner of the site's "We'll Pay Your Taxes" game, where H&R Block will pay up to $20,000 of the winner's taxes.

The site is located at