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Same league, same night: two 300s

A friend told Robert Cox he was the man after Cox bowled a 300 game in the Monday Scratch Singles League last week at Leisure Lanes.

Actually, Cox was one of two men. He had to share the spotlight with Ray Thurber, who bowled 300 in the same night and in the same league as Cox.

Cox bowled on Lanes 31-32 and finished with a 673 series. Thurber, bowling on 25-26, broke the 700 barrier at 704.

"The odds have got to be astronomical," Leisure manager John Pozzi said. "It's never happened here before. We used to give cash to bowlers who rolled 300s, but they have become so common that we stopped. But two in one night in the same league. . . . That's unusual."

Cox rolled his 300 in the second game of his series. His friend, scratch bowler Roger McQueen, was also on track for a 300 with seven consecutive strikes before missing in the eighth.

Cox said McQueen predicted he would meet the same fate. "He choked in the eighth frame and he said I'd do the same thing after I got seven," Cox said. "I said, "No, I'll show how not to choke. He was surprised I made it."

Cox reached the 10th frame flawless but nearly lost the 300 on his first ball in that frame. Cox struck the ball in the pocket but the 7-pin remained standing, tantalizingly wobbling for 10 seconds before it fell. Cox buried the next two strikes. "I was just praying it would fall," Cox said. "And when it fell, I had a feeling I made the last two."

Cox bowled his 300 first and Thurber followed. Cox did not hear about Thurber's perfect game until he got home that night. They met the next day. "We couldn't believe we both did it on the same night," Cox said. "We were both pretty excited."

HUDSON BOWL: House owner Ron Woods led the week's scoring with 289 in the Flammer Ford Hi-Rollers Doubles. Laurie Lavoy bowled 233 in the same league.

Roger McQueen was right behind with 288 in the NASCAR Club. Sue Merritt was the week's top women's scorer with a 263.

Gabby Salvie rolled 287 in the Sunday Mixed Fours, Joe Ferraro 279 in the Friday Early Mixed, Jack Martin 279 in the Wednesday Business Mixed, and Tom Livernois 277 and Steve Houzmann 268 in the Tuesday Night Merchants.

Bob Plumpton bowled 266 and Kim Horrick 232 in the Tuesday Night Mixed Handicap, Bill Spicer 265 and Chad Branzell 255 in the Thursday Scratch Trio and Eddie Paga 254 in the Wednesday Men's NFL.

Sean Esmay led the Junior Lightning boys at 213 and Toni Calie the girls at 178. Duane Kortas led the Junior Hurricanes boys at 195 and Michelle Hausman the girls at 170. Rachelle Eversole had the top Junior Tornadoes score at 103 and Jeremy Mills led the boys at 55.

LANE-GLO LANES: A women's bowler, Shpresa Sabo, has the week's top single game with 275 in the Wednesday Night Mixed League. Jack Kofoed was next with 267-728 in the Timber Greens.

In the Club Elite, Ben Zold bowled 249-691 and Bob Lavoy 237-649. In the Florida Senior Stars, Bill Wereley rolled 247-661 and Ron Wolfe 247-660.

Tim Baker led the junior bowlers with a 201-573 in the Junior Olympians. Audra Patton led the Pee Wee girls at 11 and Matt Robinson the boys at 103. The top Young Olympian was Krystle Armstrong at 120. Scotty Penna led the boys at 113. The top Olympian was Mike Navarro at 214-551 and Crystal Craig led the girls at 203-527.

LANE-GLO NORTH: Two bowlers shared the week's top score of 279 in the Tuesday Businessman's Handicap League. Bill Ambrose also rolled a 754 series and Mark Van Dine 716. Russell Roundtree had 700.

Joye Hughes had the week's top women's score with 266 in the Oak Springs. Shari Mooney rolled 224-627 in the Early Rollers.

Vinny Consentino bowled 276-693 in the K of C. In the Thursday Working Men, Bill Cable rolled 256, John Reinhard 254-717 and Van Dine 665.

In the North Star Pee Wee girls, Sarah Fowler led at 124. In the minors, Nicole Quattrock led at 115. Amber Reaper led the majors at 188 and Joanna Ferro led the all stars at 223-510. Katie Otto added 215-570.

In the North Star Pee Wee boys, Craig Comeau bowled 95, Steven Rotondo led the minors at 121, Shawn Duefel the majors at 202 and Jason Flores the all stars at 325-581. Also David Brandl roled 224-620.

LEISURE LANES: There were other outstanding scores besides the perfect games in the Monday Scratch Singles League.

Ron Van Dellen bowled 269-671, Mark Budwell 268-709, Del Ferguson 258-699 and Mike Sabo 710.

Jerry Bradway came close to 300, rolling 294-741 in the Sextet Mixed. Also, Charlie Steigge bowled 262-705, Bernie Bartkus 260-696, Stella Dobranski 263-689, Kay Valentine 257-682 and Betty Starkey 249-668.

In the Road Runners, Anthony Loretto bowled 258-615, Pat Kramer 267-711 in the Twin City and John Davis 266-630 in the Senior Men's.

In the YABA Pee Wee boys, Korey Hilley bowled 117-179. In the Junior Boys, Scott Ingalls rolled 170-441, and in the girls, Bonnie McKnight bowled 136. In the Major Boys, James McGoldrick bowled 225-613.