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Shooting victim leaves hospital

The 18-year-old Brooksville woman who suffered a head injury in a highway shooting early Saturday in Citrus County was released from a Tampa hospital Monday.

Marnisha Langley was sitting in the left-rear seat of a friend's vehicle when a bullet pierced the rear windshield and struck her.

The bullet did not pierce her skull, however, and Langley was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa.

Citrus sheriff's detectives were expected to interview Langley on Monday about the circumstances behind the gunfire.

Authorities are hoping she can help them learn why she and her friends were shot at and chased back into Hernando County.

"That's the unanswered part of all this," said Citrus sheriff's spokeswoman Gail Tierney. "Why would someone be shooting at this vehicle? Was there an intended victim or was this just an accident or what?"

According to officials from the Citrus and Hernando sheriff's offices, this is what happened:

Langley and three Brooksville friends _ Herman Mason Jr., 22; Harry Delanie, 21; and Connie Holland, 18 _ were at the S&R Lounge on U.S. 41 late Friday and early Saturday. About 2 a.m., they decided to leave.

Mason was driving as they headed south on U.S. 41 back to Brooksville.

From behind, another vehicle approached.

The car began to chase Mason's vehicle. Soon afterward, the victims and witnesses told authorities, a gun was fired from the pursuing vehicle.

Langley was hit in the head by a bullet that pierced the rear windshield's molding and shattered the glass. But Mason told authorities he feared stopping, and instead fled with the unknown car pursuing them as far as the Hernando County line. Their first chance to stop was in Brooksville, they told authorities, and then they contacted the Hernando Sheriff's Office.

Citrus deputies were at the S&R Lounge, responding to 911 reports of gunfire, when Hernando deputies told them they had found the targets of the shooting.

Authorities do not know the make or model of the vehicle that chased Mason's vehicle, nor do they have a description of the assailants. Anyone with information is asked to call the Citrus Sheriff's Office at (352) 726-4488.