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Spending for rally ridiculous

Editor: With one exception, the present County Commission seems bound and determined to impose some form of tax increase on the residents of Hernando County, despite the fact that the people have made it perfectly clear we are against any such nonsense.

So, what's the latest? We don't have enough money for roads, but we do have $30,000 to squander in the attempt to encourage more traffic to travel those roads. A majority of commissioners seem to believe that yearly convoys of motor homes traversing the highways will bring prosperity to all. Never mind that crews are hard pressed to just keep up with repairing the holes in the pavement. Let's also overlook the fact that some roads don't even have pavement.

Could the reasoning be that the heavy tires on the motor homes will help level out the bumps?

The bottom line is this: We need more traffic about as much as we need more taxing-and-spending commissioners.

This is getting ridiculous. Where will the $30,000 come from? Are the commissioners going to sell rides on the sheriff's new super helicopter?

Enough is enough, commissioners. If you want to be re-elected, you will need to learn to represent the people of this county, rather than flying off on spending sprees.

Translation: MIND OUR MONEY.

G. R. "Bucky" Cox Jr.


Commissioner should

apologize for remark

Editor: Commissioner Pat Novy should be careful of her remarks regarding her opposition to the motor home convention planned for the Hernando County Airport.

How can anyone respect a commissioner who remarked, "I don't give a flying flip if it comes out of Jesus' back pocket?" If she has any sense, she should apologize to the public for making a statement like that. Why does she use the name of Jesus? I would think twice before I would vote for her again.

Voters, let's all get together to let her know how we feel by dumping her the next time she runs.

Pat Novy, wise up.

Joe Trento

Spring Hill

Politicians should get over

petty personality conflicts

Editor: As a working-class resident in this community for a number of years, I have become quite disgruntled with our county government. The commissioners do not have the best interests of the people at heart. If they did, the standard of living would be better than it is now.

I have watched Hernando County gradually be ruined through the years, and I indirectly blame local politicians for allowing this to happen.

A typical example of their mentality is the state Rep. Jeff Stabins-state Sen. Ginny Brown-Waite feud. There are so many important issues to be considered, yet these two officeholders engage in petty personality conflicts. It not only is childish and immature but sets a bad example for young people.

I hope someday we get people in office who really care.

Gary Bogard


Commissioners go too far

with proposed gasoline tax

Editor: "Taxando" County is at it again. The commissioners want to add a 3-cent tax on gasoline to be used for improving roads.

Because of government, state and county taxes, we are now paying $4 worth of tax for every 10 gallons of gas we purchase.

As I stated in a letter a couple of years ago, I spoke with former state Rep. Chuck Smith, who told me that 50 percent of taxes appropriated for roads went to schools. Let's take that money back and put it where it belongs, in roads, and have the lottery take care of schools, as it is supposed to do.

Come on, residents, speak up and write to your commissioners and have them rectify this unfair taxation.

John Stephen

Spring Hill

Nurses, technicians show

professionalism, kindness

Editor: Truly, there still are people with warm, friendly hearts that are filled with compassion.

I'm speaking mainly of the critical care nurses and technicians at Columbia Regional Medical Centers at Oak Hill and Bayonet Point. These people showed professionalism and real feelings for my husband, William Bonga.

After my husband passed away, it was so thoughtful of the nurses and technicians to sign a card and make a phone call to me expressing their sorrow.

Doris Bonga

Spring Hill