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Stauffer detailing emergency plan

Local emergency officials and Stauffer Management Co. this week are mailing a citizens protection plan to residents and businesses within 1{ miles of the former Stauffer Chemical plant.

The plan outlines what steps will be taken if there is an accidental release of phosphorus from the Superfund site on the Pinellas-Pasco line.

The phosphorus burns when exposed to warm air, sending out clouds of smoke that can irritate skin and respiratory systems. Stauffer Management wants to remove 25,000 gallons of phosphorus, sand and water stored in tanks at the plant since it closed in 1981.

The protection plan includes a siren that will alert residents to tune in to AM 1610 for more information. Stauffer said it would set up an information phone line, (813) 944-2697.

A public meeting will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. April 3 at the Tarpon Springs High School auditorium.