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Question: I say that Goldie Hawn played Private Benjamin in both the movie and the television series. My fiance says Hawn starred in the movie, but another actress played the role in the TV series.

Answer: Lorna Patterson replaced Goldie Hawn when Private Benjamin premiered as a TV show in the spring of 1981. Previously, Patterson had been in the series Working Stiffs (with James Belushi and Michael Keaton) and Goodtime Girls, and the Sidney Shorr TV movie. Goldie Hawn got her start on television (Good Morning World, Laugh-In) but hasn't returned to the small screen since, unless you count her sojourn to India last year for a PBS In the Wild special on elephants.

Question: On the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards show, some of the cast members of Roots were at the microphone and one referred to the late Madge Sinclair. What happened to her?

Answer: The reference was to the actress who portrayed Bell in the 1977 Roots miniseries, Jamaican-born Madge Sinclair. She's also known for roles in the TV series Trapper John, M.D., Gabriel's Fire and Me & the Boys, comic Steve Harvey's first sitcom. Sinclair died of leukemia in 1995.