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Fund set up for victim

Mayor Richard M. Daley and a group of ministers led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson visited the 13-year-old victim of a vicious beating on Tuesday and called on the public to pray for boy's speedy recovery.

Lenard Clark remained unconscious and in serious condition at Cook County Children's Hospital.

Police said the black boy was attacked Friday by a group of white teenagers who used racial slurs. They pulled him from his bicycle, slammed his head into a building and repeatedly kicked him, police said.

"I would hope that all of us, during this Easter season, would pray for this young man's recovery," said Daley, who met with Lenard's mother and doctor.

Jackson held the boy's hand while he and other ministers prayed for the victim. Jackson said he was establishing a trust fund to help defray medical expenses for the eighth grader.

Contributions can be mailed to the Lenard Clark Jr. fund, in care of South Shore Bank, 4658 South Drexel Boulevard, Chicago, Ill., 60653.