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"Neighborhood Times' winning readers over

Re: Neighborhood Times.

I'll admit that it took me awhile to get used to the small insert entitled Neighborhood Times.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the writers and editors for a job well done. This section is now the first part of the paper we read as it reflects the people and events of our own community.

Our family especially likes the columns of Catherine Flaherty and Darrell Cutshall with their military, volunteer and recognition news.

Catherine Flaherty is one of few writers who print news of music student special awards. These students' accomplishments used to be lost to the school sports news.

Darrell Cutshall's column, "Good For You," is equally important and well done. Please don't ever exclude these columns as they are very important to all readers.

Eileen Mattioli, St. Pete Beach

Downtown sounds are music to reader's ears

I usually avoid "Letters to the editor" columns because too often I encounter letters such as those which appeared in the March 12 Neighborhood Times.

The first letter that disturbed me was Downtown rock music is too loud. In it, the writer states, "It's an insult to any resident within about a mile of downtown to be forced to listen to such noise."

No, sir, it's a sound which proves that there is at last (at long last) life in downtown St. Petersburg again. I'm the same age as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, so I'm no spring chicken, but I'd rather hear some loud music than roll up the sidewalks at 8 p.m. and give the town over to wandering vagrants and empty storefronts.

Born and raised here, I'm totally pleased with the "new" look of downtown St. Pete.

Restaurants like Jeff's Desserts and activities at Jannus Landing bring life to nighttime downtown at long, long last. Let it be!

Secondly, I think that a return to curbside mailboxes is a fine idea, moving them from the street-side was silly, pretentious and inefficient to begin with.

It looks "rural"? It also looks more efficient than a mail carrier parking and then walking blocks and blocks toting a mail bag.

Curbside mailboxes aren't going to make St. Petersburg "look" less progressive _ it's going to be more efficient.

I do agree, however, with the writer's input concerning the totally poor and absolutely embarrassing voter turnout for the past primary, but I disagree with the one writer who said that "most voters are intelligent."

If they were, they would not have let me and a minority of other folks tell them who's going to pilot our city for the next few years.

Dian Hewlett Dudley, St. Petersburg