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Rusty refrigerator gets deep-freeze

Published Oct. 1, 2005

I have a 10-year-old GE refrigerator with doors that are rusting on the outside. I wrote to GE when the problem started a few years ago, and they offered to sell me touch-up paint. I refused. When I kept after them they finally sent me a bottle for free.

I have since written to let them know that now my refrigerator looks like it has chicken pox. I haven't heard from GE.

I wouldn't have any cause for complaint, but my friend bought the same model refrigerator at the same time I did. She lives in the same condo I do, but she does not have the same rusting problem that I have. Mildred Korn

Response: We spoke with Chip Keeling, spokesman for GE Appliances in Louisville, Ky. A number of factors could cause two refrigerators of the same model purchased at the same time to show different patterns of wear.

Consumers use products differently. A fridge in one home might be opened a dozen times a day, in another home only two or three times. Where the fridges are placed within the home can make a difference, as can the temperature at which the homes are kept. Humidity, proximity to saltwater and air conditioning are other factors that can have an effect on your fridge.

We live in a temperate zone where appliances such as refrigerators are liable to sweat a lot. That, in turn, can hasten the appearance of rust.

Given the age of your refrigerator, there is really nothing that GE can do for you.


I have been writing to Time Warner Communications for months to complain about their dropping C-Span 2. I know there are many other customers in Citrus County who are dissatisfied with this decision. I can't get an answer from them. Can you? J. G. Bass Jr.

Response: Cathleen Collis, director of marketing, answers that Time Warner made the decision in January to add the following programming: WCLF-22, WTTA-38, WWWB-32 and MSNBC. Some of these additions were made to comply with "must carry" rules. Others were added in accordance with retransmission consent agreements with area broadcasters.

In the case of MSNBC, Collis writes, Time Warner was in the process of merging with Turner. As part of the merger agreement, the federal government required that Time Warner add a news service to compete with CNN, Turner's news service. C-Span 2 had to be dropped to make room for MSNBC.

Collis notes that a few other customers have indicated their preference for C-Span 2, but that, overall, Time Warner feels that the addition of MSNBC provides the best diversity in news sources.

She apologizes for the delay in providing you with this information and wants you to know that your programing request will be retained in their files for future reference.

Satisfying resolution

In February 1993 we purchased Mannington Gold Floor covering and had it installed. Until July of last year we were satisfied with it, but at that time it started to yellow. We used the Mannington cleaner and polish, but that did not help. We contacted Mannington since we felt that the discoloration was covered under warranty, but so far we haven't had any luck resolving this problem. Donald Kelly

Response: We were glad to learn that a representative had been out to evaluate your flooring and that everything seems to be going along fine. Let us know if this does not turn out to be the case.

Spinning world

To the caller who wanted to know how fast the Earth spins: An Associated Press story that was published in the Times on Jan. 15, 1993, states that the Earth rotates on its axis at a speed of more than 1,000 miles per hour at the equator.

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