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Team shots

Bud Maloney of Largo pushes a puck down the shuffleboard court at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club during a doubles tournament on March 20. The two-day competition, which drew 39 players, was mainly for amateurs to earn points and move up in national ranking. The club, which costs $20 a year, will host the state masters championships on April 6-9.

Above, while shuffleboard play continues, other players sit under the bleachers on the tournament courts. Right, Leola Pomeroy, William Pomeroy, Ingram Burhoe and Frank Howard talk during the doubles tournament.


Shuffleboard is a game played on a flat, slick surface. The players use long-handled sticks called cues to try to push plastic disks into a scoring area at the other end of the shuffleboard court. A player also tries to knock his or her opponent's disks out of the scoring area or into a penalty space. Shuffleboard can be played by two persons or by two teams of two players each.

Shuffleboard was played in England as early as the 1400s as entertainment for royalty. The game was introduced into the United States in 1913.