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Daytime flats fishing during a full moon usually means the action will be slow. This week was just the opposite.

Redfish have been invading the oyster and spoil islands at high tide. Anglers Fran Beatty and Dave Militello scored big using \-ounce gold spoons. They released 12 redfish and 20 legal-sized trout.

Large snook are feeding in very shallow water. The best action has been during late afternoon and at sundown. Top-water plugs with rattles or propeller blades have drawn the most strikes. Forty-pound test leader is a must because fish are so big it takes a long time to get them to the boat. A prolonged battle using a lighter leader most likely will lead to a frayed leader line and lost fish.

Most of the snook are in large schools. If you hook up with a big one, stay in the area for a while. When the school starts to settle down the fish usually will move back to the spot where you caught the first one. Releasing snook over 30 inches will help build up future snook populations.

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