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Coach is wrong about scholarship recipient's being first

Editor: I am writing in regard to the article by Jim Carson in the Pasco Times on March 18 regarding the college signing of Carla Impretore. I am aware of the fact that Carla is a very good athlete and deserves to get a good scholarship, but the comment that her coach Heidi Castelamare made is wrong.

My daughter, Karen Hagman, attended high school at Land O'Lakes High from 1989-1993. In her senior year she made first team all-conference in volleyball and softball, honorable mention in basketball and also the all-conference academic team. In addition, she was chosen for the North-South all-star softball game as a first baseman/pitcher. Even with all of these accomplishments, she was virtually ignored by the press in her senior year (although you were one of the reporters to give her any attention at all). When she signed a college scholarship nobody bothered to report it even though the information was sent to the papers. She received a "full-ride" volleyball scholarship to Division I Stetson University in DeLand. Her freshman year she played volleyball and softball and then chose to give up softball in her sophomore year. She continued to play volleyball for Stetson for four years (while getting her scholarship) and will graduate this May with a degree in sports information.

Even though Karen never complained about being ignored when she was in high school, I know it hurt her very much, and she had to work that much harder to get the colleges to notice her. Through a lot of hard work and determination she was able to achieve her dream. I wish Carla every success in her college career, but to set the record straight: If Carla is thought to be the first Pasco volleyball player to receive a Division I "full-ride," then my daughter must in fact be the first, having done it four years ago.

Beth Hagman, Land O'Lakes

SR 52 needs Summertree stoplight

Editor: Response to an article written by Don and Lucy Manzo, appearing March 16, re: placing a stoplight at Summertree community and State Road 52.

We as Floridians depend on the senior citizens for a stable economy. Development to house the rapidly growing flow of new citizens has its drawbacks, such as widening SR 52. Being a truck driver living in the Hudson area, I often use SR 52 to and from I-75 and U.S. 41. There is no doubt that a traffic light should be installed at SR 52 and Summertree community.

There must be no more lost lives at that dangerous intersection! It's common sense that when a community as large as Summertree is built, there must be a stoplight at the entrance to such a large community. The speed limit is now 35. Can you imagine when the speed limit is increased back to 45 or 50? That means drivers will do 50 to 60 mph.

Let's make sure the drivers slow down by putting a stoplight at SR 52 and Summertree. After all, we are the taxpayers. We are a democratic society, and we demand our voice be heard by our elected officials. Put a light there before another life is lost!

Mark Prager, Hudson

Stop merger and the lies about it

Editor: The bill that the Legislature has _ Bill SB1852 _ is not for a merger, it is to abolish Port Richey. Why can't we put the truth in the paper for once? We will not save on our taxes. Vote no to abolishing our city and to the people that lie to us.

Anthony Del Prete, Port Richey

State lawmakers' staffs excel

Editor: This letter is to praise, recognize and thank everyone at state Reps. Mike Fasano's and Debra Prewitt's offices. I am a recent social work graduate, and had some questions regarding the whole Medicaid application process. I would like to thank the individuals at these offices, especially Christine at Prewitt's office, for their assistance. I appreciate all their time and consideration. Also, I would just like others to know that these individuals, as well as our state representatives, are there to assist and help the citizens of their community; and it is done in a very friendly and efficient manner. Thank you to these kind people.

Allison Ann Corsones, Port Richey