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EU gives Turkey cold shoulder

Published Oct. 1, 2005

Turkey's campaign to join the European Union within the next few years was dealt what appeared to be a fatal blow Wednesday when German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel asserted here that Turkey was far from the standard expected of new members.

"It is clear that Turkey will not become a member of the European Union in the foreseeable future," Kinkel said after meeting with Turkish leaders.

He said Turkey did not qualify because of its record on "human rights, the Kurdish question, relations with Greece and of course very clear economic questions."

In recent months senior Turkish leaders declared that early membership in the European Union was the country's principal foreign policy goal.

While rejecting Turkish hopes for quick membership in the European Union, Kinkel assured his hosts that Turkey "belongs to Europe" and is regarded as "an important country with great responsibilities." Turkish Foreign Minister Tansu Ciller seized on those assurances to try to extract something positive from a strikingly negative message.

"We are on the main track to Europe, not on some outside track," she asserted.

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